Disaster Recovery - An Important Element for Any Business

What Does Disaster Recovery Mean?

Disaster recovery (DR) allows an organisation or company to regain access and functionality to its IT infrastructure and data should its hardware and software get destroyed or affected by fire, flooding, viruses, malicious attacks from hackers or disgruntled ex-employees, or power disruptions like load-shedding.

How Can A Disaster Recovery Plan Keep Your Business Operational?

Should such an unfortunate event strike your organisation, you will still be able to access your data because it will have been replicated and stored at a site away from your business premises. If your server goes down because of a natural disaster, equipment failure or cyber-attack, it is simple to recover that lost data from the second location where it has been safely backed up. Loss of data can negatively impact your business however loss of financial data could land you in hot water with the powers that be at SARS. Financial data is required to be readily available should they be requested, failing which, huge penalties could apply.

Are you prepared to take the risk with your company?

What Are the Vital Elements of An Effective DR Plan?

Delegate a Disaster Recovery team

Identify areas of concern and the relevant disaster risks

Identify the critical applications, data and resources

Define the procedures for backup and off-site storage

Consistently test the Disaster Recovery Plan

Maintain the Disaster Recovery Plan

Several different disaster recovery practices can make up a disaster recovery plan. Every organisation should have a DR plan in place.

DR Specialists, Boss GTS, can take this process a step further. They can transfer their computer processing to another location for your business to continue operations should your premises be damaged.

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