Voice Over IP, The Future of Telecommunication Is Here!

What exactly is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)?

Voice Over IP is a process where your voice is converted into a digital signal, compressed and sent over the internet. When received on the other end, the digital data is uncompressed into the sound that is heard through the handset.


  • Cost-saving is a focal point for every business at the moment. With the economy on a downward trend and the current pandemic situation, every penny counts. With Voice Over IP, your calls are made over the internet, reducing call charges exponentially.
  •  All internet services are provided using ethernet cables connected to a router which in turn provides wireless connectivity to other devices. Your VOIP handset is completely wireless. There is no need for additional cabling as is the case with the traditional analogue telephones. The wireless feature allows more flexibility and mobility to the user.
  • Data over the internet is sent using data packets. When making a call using VOIP services, the caller’s voice is converted into voice packets which are transmitted over the internet through servers. It is this process that tremendously improves the call quality. The higher call quality experienced using Voice Over IP promotes clarity and smooth communication.
  • The ability to integrate applications into your VOIP phone system is invaluable. In an age where technology is meant to streamline operations, this is the ideal solution for any business. Integrating productivity tools lends to flexibility and increases the mobility of the user. Being able to stay abreast of changes in your business and maintaining open lines of communication with your colleagues as well as the outside world, regardless of where you are, is vital in any industry.
  • Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that what might be new today, is old news tomorrow. Your communication system, however, lies on an IP platform that is easily upgradable as new technology emerges. This enables cost-effective and easy telephony upgrade implementation.

The time is NOW!

Make the change!

BOSS GTS, the specialists in the industry who have what it takes to put your business in a technology-friendly environment that works FOR you. Advanced solutions that deliver fast, effective, valuable results.

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