Technology is Advancing at a Rapid Pace!

Are You Ready to Embrace It?

Technology is taking over the world! That’s a phrase thrown around so often, however, have you ever actually sat down and thought about how true that is? Advancements in technology are infiltrating every area of our lives and in most cases, it is to the benefit of the human race. By the year 2025, it is predicted that technology will have grown and developed to such an extent that it will directly impact a huge number of areas of daily living and working. The biggest question, “Are you ready to embrace it?” remains a hotly contended issue of discussion and evaluation.

The New Face of the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing as we know it is quickly moving in the direction of cloud-based technologies. The current status quo is reliant on physical tracking methods, a huge amount of global travel, supply chains that are far from transparent and a fair amount of luck. The results are less than pleasing with tremendous amounts of energy, time and money wasted in the process.

Making use of cloud-based technologies is the next logical step towards seamless transformation and the ability to process data from the various manufacturing lines throughout the supply chain with ease. The results will be far more appealing than the present day and will encourage continuous optimisation, higher output levels, increased quality and a well-needed reduction in wastage of almost 50%. While products will be more speedily manufactured and at a lower cost, the environment will also benefit considerably.

Eradicate the Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprints are already largely frowned upon however, it is expected that by 2025 the mere notion will be unacceptable. The world will turn to new technologies in a plight to reduce and eradicate carbon emissions. It is predicted that the innovation that will follow will bring on an age of transformation that will match and perhaps surpass those of the industrial and digital revolutions in the past.

Quantum Leaps in Computing

By the year 2025, quantum computing will have reached maturity and it is expected that the first commercial devices will be readily available on the market. These devices will be a powerful tool in tackling real-world issues. One area that these devices will directly impact is that of the pharmaceutical field.

The ability of the devices to simulate complex chemical reactions will open up so many avenues in the development of drugs. At present, the modus operandi relies largely on trial and error which is hugely time-consuming and holds immense cost implications. Quantum computers are expected to change this completely and allow for shorter product development cycles and a welcomed reduction in costs.

5G Leads the Way

The need for same-day delivery has shown tremendous growth and for many suppliers, it is a necessity at this point. Integration of 5G networks linked directly to autonomous bots is expected to make this a reality in the near future. Deliveries will be carried out within hours, safely and seamlessly. As the need for people to attend class or work from home increases, it has become evident how poor the network quality is.

WIFI is unable to scale to meet the increased demand. Low latency 5G networks would most certainly resolve the network reliability issues and possibly allow for other more high-capacity services in addition. These could include services like ER Services, telesurgery or telehealth. An economy that incorporates mobility-as-a-service is on the horizon.

Blurred Lines

If the current worldwide pandemic has taught us anything at all, it is the importance of technology in maintaining open lines of communication. While most would automatically cast their minds to work-related scenarios, this is not the only matter of importance. At a time where human contact is limited, the ability to develop and maintain emotional connections is equally important. Artificial Intelligence or AI technology is built to connect people at a human level regardless of the distance between them. The lines between reality and virtual space will become more blurred as this kind of technology develops and evolves.

The Construction Game Changer

Manufacturing processes will become a synchronised sequence that will deliver change, control and production on a large scale. This change in processes will create an environment where homes, offices and the like will be built more cost-effectively, much faster and in a safer manner. Actionable data allows real-time decision making, progress and learning. Projects will be managed proactively with knowledge and data already available rather than reactively. Precise planning and stellar execution will enable professionals in the industry to control the environment, rather than be controlled by it. These wheels are already in motion, it is the game-changer in the construction industry.

Change is Inevitable

The rapid pace at which technology is changing and evolving is a sight to behold. The innovative ways in which technology is being used to solve the world’s most urgent issues is astonishing. The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic may have revealed our weaknesses as a population but it also made an impact that is far more valid.

For the first time in history, collaboration on a global scale, transparency in data shared or accumulated and the speed with which the various governments have responded to minimise the threat to life, have all been positively impacted. While in general, we have underperformed, there has been a tremendous leap in the right direction.

The next five years will be telling ones and we must strive to bring attention and visibility to the importance of technology and innovation to bettering life on Earth and how these technologies can bring a positive and fast response in the face of adversity while still protecting the environment.

Technology is the way forward! Embrace the changes and reap the untold benefits. Whether you are for it or against it, change is inevitable and is happening right before your very eyes.

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