Technology and Business

Progress Happens at the Blink of an Eye

Whether or not you are ready to take your business forward with technology, you will be swept away in the tidal wave of progress. Technology changes rapidly, evolving and adapting. If you don’t fully embrace it, you won’t reap the benefits that are on offer. Boss GTS, the Cloud Specialists in South Africa, move your business forward with technology.

You may think that technology hasn’t really changed that much but have you sat down and thought about it? Ten years has made a tremendous difference. Technology has progressed at a phenomenal rate. It has created an environment that is far more efficient and effective. Cast your mind back just ten years and think of what we have now that wasn’t in place then:

  • A lack of centralised communication 
  • No new formats for marketing businesses
  • No internet of things or voice searches
  • No use of short-form video sharing for both personal and business

Let’s face it, technology has changed every aspect of how a business operates, and it has happened at such a rapid pace. Boss GTS, the Cloud Specialists in South Africa, keep abreast of advancements and understand how to use the changes to benefit your operations.

Communication and Information Sharing

Communication and the sharing of information are vital aspects of every business. The current business environment provides ample ways to communicate much faster, easier, and effectively. Applications like Slack or Microsoft Teams have made communication viable and effective regardless of location. Deeper intelligence embedded within communication technology makes it easy to obtain customer information. That information is pivotal to the enhancement of the customer experience overall.

Personalised messaging and automated communications have helped businesses boost their marketing efforts and reach a much broader client base than ever before. It is vital to maintain the human touch when building relationships with customers. Technology makes communication easier but never take it to the extent that nothing is personal.

Mobile-First Business Environments

Smart devices or tablets with the correct software allows you to have remote access to manage every aspect of your business. The wonderful thing about mobile technology is that it is also for your customers. More people use mobile devices to sell, buy, shop, or find local businesses, and share their retail experiences with friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers online. Technology has changed how we all stay in touch effortlessly.

Remote Working

Now, more than ever, remote working has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The pandemic that has swept the world has made this need glaringly apparent. While the world outside stops, a business must carry on. The remote working model will likely remain for many once the pandemic has passed. There are many benefits to working from home:

  • Cost-saving
  • Increased productivity
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Carbon emissions reduction
  • Make companies agile and scalable

Increased Collaboration

The inability to meet face-to-face has increased the need for collaboration profoundly. Things like Google Drive, Slack and many others have simplified the collaboration process regardless of location. The alignment of people and goals is the primary responsibility of these tools. The tools provide real-time insight into projects and tasks and help any teamwork effectively.

Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing

Digital transformation drives change in how companies operate, use their internal resources optimally, and deliver real value to the client. Employing cloud technologies is the first move to a more agile, collaborative and customer-focused business environment. Boss GTS, the Cloud Specialist in South Africa, understand cloud technology. We are professionals at deploying systems so that you can reap the rewards. 

Technology and rapid advancements can be frightening at times. The sooner you learn to grasp and embrace it as part of your daily operations, the sooner you will truly understand the value in the solutions provided. 

Contact Boss GTS, the Cloud Specialists in South Africa today, to book your appointment and find out more about how the solutions can provide invaluable benefits to your company and operations.