Take A Load Off

What Are Managed Services?

In any business, the smooth operation of the I.T department is imperative to how the company runs. Employing the services of a Managed Services Provider like Boss GTS takes the load off your team, leaving them free to pursue areas that are required for growth. The I.T department can incorporate anything from the telephone system, computers, networks, and passwords.

These are vital parts of a SMB but many small medium businesses don’t have the required staff skillset, money, or time to effectively manage it. Boss GTS, the managed services provider in South Africa will keep your systems running effectively so that you can experience maximum progress and growth.

Benefits of Managed I.T Services

Employing the services of Boss GTS, the managed services provider in South Africa can greatly reduce your costs. Implementing an in-house team to achieve the same results would prove costly and time consuming to put in place.

The experience level of a managed services provider is comparatively much higher than that of an in-house team.

There is far greater opportunity for Cybersecurity expertise and policies when using Boss GTS, the managed services provider in South Africa. Regulatory compliance is mandatory for the I.T division in many industries like finance, healthcare, and education to name only a few.  This portion of the business requires expertise and experience that only a managed services provider can offer.

Managed Services Provider Lingo

For those who are not part of the I.T world, the language, terms, and everyday lingo could be overwhelming to say the least. Let’s look at a few of the commonly used terms and phrases that a client may encounter during their interactions with an MSP.

Agent – A small program used by MSP’s to remotely gather information about the status of machines and devices. The program allows MSPs to update programs, manage systems, and offer resolutions more quickly and effectively.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Backup and disaster recovery solutions that work cohesively to ensure that a company’s critical business functions will continue to operate despite disasters that may occur or that the function will be restored to an operational state within a reasonable short time frame.

Help Desk – A service that provides information and technical support to end-users providing a more streamlined experience for the client.

Managed I.T Services – I.T tasks and processes that are fulfilled by a third-party.

Now that you know a few common phrases, you may not be so left in the dark when your I.T services company starts talking.

Call Boss GTS today to book your I.T Managed Services evaluation and find out how our team can give you your time back. Spend more time working on what you can control and leave the rest to us. Boss GTS, the managed services provider in South Africa.