I.T. South Africa Just Stepped Up A Notch


I.T. South Africa is an industry that is fiercely competitive in every sector and high in demand. BOSS GTS has firmly staked their claim on prime real estate in the I.T. world with their advanced knowledge, expertise, innovation and sheer determination.

Dream Team Extraordinaire

Darren Coetzee heads an exceptionally efficient, proactive and successful technical department. Few in South Africa can match the skill and expertise of this technical guru. Under Darren's leadership, the team gathers momentum daily, growing in stature and producing enterprise solutions that work.

Nico Yiannakakis brings his flair, personality and expertise to the company. Nico's many years working in the corporate I.T. industry in the United Kingdom adds a dimension to their structure that many organisations in the industry are lacking. CEO Emilios Yiannakakis has an in-depth understanding of I.T., business processes and marketing. The fourth member of this formidable quartet, Daniel Machial, is hot on Darren’s heels with a hands-on experience and technical knowledge that is unwavering.

Listening to the four speak amongst themselves can be grossly intimidating to experience. It is, however, the sight of sheer pleasure that flickers across their faces that provides all the assurance you need that these are the best minds and hands to handle your business systems.

The four perfectly complement one another, each adding to the strength of the company in their way. The power quartet is the solid foundation on which BOSS GTS continues to thrive and develop. It is the driving force behind the development of the next great giant in I.T. South Africa.

Solutions That WORK!

Boss GTS are specialists in Cloud Hosting, Cloud Storage and Data Recovery (DR). Darren is a genius where the architecture of specialised systems and solutions are concerned. His knowledge, passion and deep understanding shine through. He masterfully designs, builds and implements solutions that benefit the client in every possible way. The team at Boss GTS strives to create working environments that fully embrace technology.

The recent inclusion of the marketing division in Boss Link Marketing Solutions caters for branding, website creation, website management, graphic design and social media presence. This addition has created a no-holds-barred solution for organisations in any industry and represents a company destined to grow and thrive.

Boss GTS is one instance that words like FAILURE! CANNOT! and IMPOSSIBLE! are definitely not part of the vocabulary!  

The South African I.T. industry is on the verge of being shaken by the “Boys from Ballito”!

Watch this space! 

Contact Boss GTS today to find a perfectly designed solution that works for your business. We take the guesswork out of the areas of business that matter.  

Emilios – emilios@bossgts.com

Darren – darren@bossgts.com

Nico – nico@bossgts.com

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