It’s A Man’s World, or Is It?

Women Forge Ahead

Women are grossly underrepresented in the I.T industry, with a mere 29% of individuals in the field being women. The value of women in the technology industry is phenomenal and what they can bring to the table is nothing short of extraordinary. Gender diversity in all areas of business is critical, I.T included.

Financial Health

Recent studies carried out by the Credit Suisse Research Institute found that women in leadership roles in organisations increase the likelihood of improved financial health for the company. Studies have also revealed that companies who employ the services of women in leadership roles are more likely to see vast improvements in other areas as well:

  • An increased net income growth rate
  • An increased return on equity

Further studies by  Peterson Institute for International Economics verified that companies that include women as part of their corporate leadership makeup deliver better outcomes overall.

Product Development

Women in companies are crucial to success! Women can add exponential value in the I.T industry as well as many others. 

Keep in mind that women make up around 50% of the world’s population. Their lack of presence within the I.T and technology industries could seriously jeopardise the design of consumer products. Let’s take, for instance, products designed for use by women. If a man develops these products, chances are they will not fully grasp or understand the women-specific needs of the product. Including women in roles within information technology companies will lead to improved outcomes. More women in tech will result in:

  • Better representation of women and their needs as a consumer
  • They will be more likely to influence the company and the culture thereof


Diversity in any industry or company is key to growth and success. Throwing women into the mix only serves to improve the possible outcomes. The resultant collaboration between genders, races, ethnicity, and the like leads to enhanced problem-solving and catapults innovation through the roof. The ability to hear every possible angle and accommodate these factors is an influential factor in successful innovation.

Gender diversity within teams has proven to increase efficiency and better equip the members to make those crucial decisions when the time requires.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why women in I.T and technology is so vital to success. Women make up 50% of the population. The exclusion of women would mean that companies risk missed opportunities for improved efficiency, creativity, and innovation. Take advantage of every untapped resource through gender diversity. 

Including that 50% that would otherwise be unaccounted for and unspoken for opens an entirely new field of play. Experience the far-reaching benefits of adopting a gender diverse environment.

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