Is Your Organisation Secure with the Onset of the Era of Remote Work?

Time are Changing, Has your Security?
We are in an era where the current pandemic has sent people scrambling as they grapple with acquainting themselves with the new work from home or work remotely aspects of life.

While the implications for employees may take some time to get a handle on, for companies the implications could be devastating if the necessary precautions are not taken care of. Printers, and we all use them in our daily work, are a very real potential point of attack that could render your network or organisation vulnerable to all kinds of cyberattacks.

Printer security is the next step in securing your organisation. Have you adjusted your security measures accordingly?
HP Takes a Leap Towards Securing Your Business at Home
HP has recently launched a series of new printer security measures. HP has taken these measures in a bid to assist IT departments in securing devices at home and in the office. This has become a necessity as more and more companies are now operating using remote workers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that has swept the world. 
Flexworker Makes Some Welcome Changes
HP has made some changes to their Flexworker platform which is an integral part of their cloud-based printer management service. Flexworker now offers a fully automated managed print service contract. This will enable the visibility of up to 15 printer settings on the network of devices. The expanded offering makes use of HP Security Manager to monitor devices continuously. Compliance issues are immediately are automatically remedied. The plan also allows employees to order printing supplies for their printing needs while working at home. 
Printing Using Encryption
Secure Internet Printing through HP Advance is the next step in HP’s broader plan. The platform offers capture, print and output management. Print jobs, whether undertaken at home or in the office, are protected through the use of encryption and authentication technologies like Azure AD. Companies can now track activities inside and outside the organisation.
The final step in the overall plan is the implementation of compatibility between HP Secure Print and Microsoft Universal Print. This adds a layer of security by requiring authentication before any document is printed. The ability to draw analytics on print activity is an added benefit.
The new additions to the HP repertoire form part of HP Wolf Security which is the company’s portfolio of security software and hardware and endpoint security services. Printer security has become a significant area to safeguard, one that was up until recently, wide open to invasion.
Boss GTS has the best interests of your organisation at the heart of our business! Contact Boss GTS today to find out how we can ensure that “working from home” doesn’t put your organisation at risk of malicious attacks. We have the right security measures for you.
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Printer security is the next step in securing your organisation.

Is Your Organisation Secure with the Onset of the Era of Remote Work?

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