Is Your Information “Really” Safe?

Cybercrime Advancements Take Their Toll

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more prevalent and the modes of attack are becoming more sophisticated by the day. To stay secure online, consumers must take the necessary precautions to safeguard their personal information and themselves. Within the I.T industry, the skills shortage and the exorbitant costs of people able to combat these crimes is a daunting reality.

Virgin Active Falls Victim to Cybercrime

The recent infiltration by cybercriminals into the Virgin Active systems is cause for concern. Virgin Active was quick to take their system offline and focus on targeting the problem, however, the mere fact that the cybercriminals managed to pull it off is quite frightening for everyone who operates online, and let’s face it, that is everyone in existence today. Virgin Active came out the other end unscathed as according to reports, no information was removed from the system. Vigilance and strict security measures are the only protection as these types of attacks grow in focus and capability.

To Pay Up or Not?

Ransomware is rising in frequency and everybody is at risk. Close to 50% of those attacked by ransomware during 2020 are said to have paid the ransom for the safe return of their data which, unfortunately, in most cases, did not happen. This type of criminality is only encouraged by those who do pay up! Chances are you aren’t going to get all your data back in any instance. Take the necessary precautions to fend off a ransomware attack. Never click on links you don’t know or visit websites that aren’t familiar to you. Opening emails from senders that you don’t know or trust is asking for trouble. 

Another thing that most don’t think about is the simple USB, this device is widely used for the portable storage of data but is also prone to viruses. Plugging a USB in that has a virus is a risk so take care of where that USB comes from and if the source is trustworthy or not.

Attacking the Corporates

Corporate doxing is another method of a cyberattack that can have extremely damaging effects. Cybercriminals gather private information about a corporate company and the people working there and use it in a bid to extort money from the corporate. BEC attacks (Business Email Compromise) is one of the most prevalent attacks of this nature. An email is sent out to employees while impersonating someone within the company. 

Attackers gain access to sensitive information in this way. Your employees must follow a “no discussion rule” where work-related information is not shared via private message mediums outside of the company.

New Threat on the Block

The new threat that seems to be sweeping the online world is that of stalkerware. This kind of malware allows cybercriminals to track the location and whereabouts of the targeted individual, read their messages, view their photographs, record or view all the strokes made on their keyboard and listen in on their telephone calls.

There is no place to hide from cybercriminals as advancements are happening at such a rapid pace. It is vital to take the necessary steps to secure yourself, your company, your employees and your sensitive information by any means possible. Regularly updating these security measures as improvements are made will ensure that you lessen your risk considerably.

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