How to Advance Your I.T Career?

Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Industry

Are you worried about where your I.T career is going to lead you? The I.T industry is full of hopefuls looking to make their mark in the industry. Many of them eventually end up with the predisposition they are stuck in a dead-end job, never getting any further than where they are right now. It is not the case. Many young hopefuls ask themselves the question, “How to advance your I.T Career?”  

There is a Silver Lining to Any Position

While you may not always get the job you want straight out of the starting blocks, there is often a method to the perceived madness of employers. The work you do today may be your groundwork for the job for which you strive. Someone who excels at communication may not achieve that more technical position from the start. When they reach that goal, they might find their ability to communicate with ease was grossly necessary from a technical standpoint.

Know the Business

Yes, your dream job may be Systems Architect or Chief Security Officer, and yes, that may not have anything to do with the business end of things. However, understanding the business end will help you to deliver more value to your company. Take the time to read and understand more about the business. Incorporate that knowledge into your solutions and offerings. 

Sales and Marketing

Technical I.T individuals are often anti-sales and marketing and don’t feel it has anything to do with their goals. Sales are marketing rely more on perception, communication and intuition, whereas I.T relies on analysis, logical thinking and task-orientated skills. Understand that the key to any business is the ability to sell yourself and your ideas. Take the time to explore the concept of sales and marketing and learn the art of sales. Being a technical guru is one thing, but being able to make others buy into your idea is quite another.

Communication is Key

Do you have your eye on a supervisory or I.T Management role? While you may feel like a fish out of water, take the leap and volunteer to lead a presentation. Allow others to see you in a leadership role rather than just a technical I.T member of the team.

Unwanted Project

There is always an unwanted I.T project that is doomed to failure. Step up and volunteer to head the project with a genuine belief that you can turn it into a success. Taking the risk might be frightening but, think about what would happen if you made a success of it.

Find a Mentor

Many creative and talented people in the I.T industry are willing to share their skills, knowledge and expertise. Jump at the opportunity, and you will fast track your path in the I.T industry.

Keeping Current

Finding and settling into one area of I.T could make it difficult for you to stay abreast of current trends and advancements in other areas of the I.T industry. Read, do courses and stay abreast of the changes on a theoretical and practical level. Don’t let your current employment focus constrict your growth.


Network and mingle with others in the I.T industry. Acquaint yourself with more people. More will know your abilities and what your skillset is, and also what you have to offer. Exposure to those members who can help you advance is paramount.

In an I.T and business world where most companies are more concerned with the bottom line than nurturing their employees, it is time to take your future and career into your own hands. Ask yourself, “How to advance your I.T career?” What can you do to land that dream job. It is your diversity, skills and know-how that will take you to where you want to go.

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