Encrypted email, Is It necessary?

Is your email safe?

The use of email has changed the face of communication, especially within the workspace. Gone are the days of scrambling through physical faxes and mail to filter out the “junk” or “spam” mail. While this kind of mail hasn’t been eliminated, there are ways of compartmentalising it. Maintaining the integrity of electronically distributed information is why we can rely on email to a large extent.

What does end-to-end email encryption mean?

Encrypting emails becomes exceptionally important when sensitive information is shared in this way. Email encryption ensures that only the intended recipient can access the message or information using a decryption key. 

Why has email encryption become more important?

More and more companies are taking extreme safety measures with personal information and sensitive data that is stored. Hackers have turned to softer targets, namely, emails in transit. If sensitive data is stolen in this way, the integrity of your company’s chain of communication will be put in question and the ability to share information with employees, customers and investors will become more difficult to achieve. 

Benefits of email encryption

  • Cost-Effective
    The cost-effectiveness will depend on how your email encryption service is set up from the outset. If your company uses a service with encryption integrated into the server, you won’t have to purchase another server for encryption purposes which will in turn save you money.

  • Privacy
    The integrity aspect of cybersecurity’s CIA triune is the focus of using encrypted email. The triune refers to confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. A majority of businesses and all government departments want their information to remain private. Encryption prevents sensitive information from being seen by prying eyes for which it is not intended.

  • Efficiency
    Encrypted mail built into the mail platform within any business will eliminate the need for employees to use additional software and programs to secure their mail. Instead of following a multitude of steps to send one email, employees can simply type on the existing platform and send the email immediately. The responsibility then lies on the shoulders of the service provider to ensure the security of that email.

  • Authentication
    Encryption methods used in conjunction with digital signing helps employees identify mail from authentic senders. Spoof emails are reduced, if not eliminated, from infecting the company systems through employee accounts. 

Not all encryption methods are the same and you should invariably find a solution that is universal and compatible with several other email providers. The end goal should always be end-to-end encryption.

Boss GTS has the solution for your business! 

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