Does ICT Have a Place in Education?

Moving Education Forward 

The world around us is constantly in a state of motion and change. Let’s take, for instance, the current pandemic. That one event has changed the face of how we work and study significantly. Online learning has become the norm. Without advances in technology and ICT, education would have come to a standstill leaving students grappling to find a sense of stability and security.

Boss GTS, the best ICT company in South Africa, understand the need for education toward the development of the country. We have put our expertise to good use and created a beneficial platform for students, whether in school, university or furthering their knowledge at work.

What is ICT?

To put it simply, ICT means technology related to information and technology. Information comes in various forms: video, sound, text, and images. The technology available to produce these products or a combination of products is referred to as technology. Technology has, over time, expanded to include computers and computer-related products.

Why is ICT Important in Education?

ICT is changing the way we communicate, work and study. Online shopping is increasing consumerism at an exponential rate. The methods that we gather information is also affected because of ICT and technology.

ICT has taken over our lives and transformed the environment in which we live. ICT and technology form an integral part of our lives, and whether you embrace it or not, it is here to stay.

Key Educational Benefits through ICT:

Online Learning 

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, the need to continue education without physically attending school has become more than vital. Online or e-learning has made it possible for schools to continue to teach the curriculum even when the students must remain at home. Everything is readily available for each lesson, and live classes are also possible. Online learning isn’t only for school education. Many businesses have implemented this form of training into their employee development programmes.

Boss GTS, the best ICT company in South Africa, took the initiative at the onset of the pandemic to improve current Learning Management Systems and implement integrations that were non-existent before this. EduAfrica has changed the face of online learning in astonishing ways, simplifying a daunting process, and delivering results.

  • Inclusion
    The inclusion of ICT in education offers inclusion to those who may have previously been at a disadvantage. All students have access to the same curriculum material. Those with special needs are no longer at a disadvantage. All students have access to the same course materials and ICT tools that can be used by students to fulfil their personal educational needs.

    Unfortunately, online learning does have the downfall of opening the divide between those who can easily access online learning and those who are less fortunate, an area that requires full attention if we want to reap the full benefits of ICT and online learning. Boss GTS, the best ICT company in South Africa, has reduced the data usage/costs related to online learning phenomenally as they work towards a zero-rated service.

  • Higher-Order Thinking Skills
    Higher-order thinking is an important skill required to navigate during our current times. Other skills include the ability to plan, evaluate, monitor, and reflect, to name only a few. To effectively use ICT in education, there is a demand for specific skills such as explaining and justifying using ICT to produce solutions to proposed problems. 

  • Subject Learning
    It is well known and understood that using ICT in education adds tremendous value to certain learning areas like numeracy and literacy.

  • Collaboration
    ICT has a natural way of bringing out collaboration between students. Students can talk and discuss work that they are doing which encourages communication and language development. Using ICT means that the students don’t have to physically be in the same place to benefit from the discussions.

  • Motivates Learning
    Children are in awe of technology. This fascination motivates them to want to learn within the classroom environment.

  • Differentiation Instruction
    Everybody learns at a different pace. Our strengths lie in different areas. ICT and technology in the learning environment enable this difference to be beneficial rather than a hindrance.

  • Living in a Knowledge-Economy
    The economy today requires the ability to produce and use information effectively. ICT plays a substantial role in every industry, providing a considerable boost to the economy of any country.

Important of ICT to Student

  • Learn skills and develop their ICT capabilities and literacy
  • Prepares students for a society dominated by ICT development
  • Learn to use ICT to their advantage and keep it as a tool for the lifelong learning journey
  • Improves attainment levels

Technology and ICT are here to stay. Embrace what it offers and learn to use it to your advantage and to encourage growth. Keep yourself up to date with new developments because change happens from minute to minute. The more you learn about technology and ICT, the more you will understand the importance thereof and recognise the benefits.