Developing an App? UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

Smartphones are an integral part of daily life. It was predicted that smartphone user numbers would exceed the 3.5 billion mark by the end of 2020 and currently, according to statistics websites, the figure is already at 3.8 billion. This particular industry was predicted to generate revenue over almost 600 billion Dollars during this same period.

You may ask yourself why smartphones are such an essentially vital part of life? The Apps of course! The Apps available on any smartphone are used to run, monitor and in essence control every part of daily living whether it be meeting reminders, wake alarms, sending emails or simply connecting on social media platforms.  

While most people are of the idea that developing an App is easy to accomplish, the opposite is more the case. In an industry where Apps are hitting the shelves at an alarming rate, you cannot deliver anything less than perfect. Remember there are hundreds, if not thousands of Apps based on the same principles that could easily replace your product.

UX Design Mistakes

The foundation of your application lies in the UX design. This must be flawless if you have any desire to succeed in a tough market.

  • Compatibility
    Your App does not function on its own. It works in conjunction with a variety of applications and features as well as your smartphone. It is vital to ensure that your design works seamlessly and effectively with the intended devices and applications. Your App must be responsive and offer the same experience across a variety of screen sizes.
  • Complex Interface
    ​The most popular Apps today are those that are simplistic. The more complex it is for a user to navigate through your App, the more likely they are to abandon it. Life is already complicated and fast-paced enough without the added frustrations of struggling with technology that is meant to make life simpler.

  • Below Par App Architecture
    The Foundation of your App is more important than the outward experience. Creating a strong App architecture before actually starting the development phase allows you to connect every step to the bigger picture you envision. Aesthetics is the last step in the process. The process needs to flow while keeping the industry requirements and the desire of your customers in mind.

    There are three layers you will have to build during the development process:
    • Presentation layer which deals with the UI of the App
    • The business layer deals with the functionality and features
    • Data access layers which focus on securing data transactions and storage

  • First Impressions Last
    An App that fails to impress from the start will most often be abandoned soon after downloading. The onboarding experience is vital to the success of your App.

  • Don’t Be A Copycat
    Creating an App that is a mirror image of another in the industry will not give you success. Your App needs to have something unique that differentiates it from others similar in nature. This is how you gain the edge. The uniqueness of your App should include that of your UX.

  • Too Many Push Notifications
    Smartphone users are not impressed by excessive numbers of push notifications from any App. Spamming your users is no way to promote your App. It is important to find the balance between too much and not enough in this instance. Keep your push notification for important notifications and update notifications.

  • Flexible UX
    Your UX should be easily adjusted to incorporate the feedback provided by users. At the end of the day, the users are the ones who are the best judges of usability and functionality. Your users know what works.

  • Branding
    Few people realise that branding is not just a website, a logo or a product. It refers to absolutely everything to do with your business and must be consistent throughout. Ensure consistency throughout your App. This can refer to anything from colour schemes to the font. Each page must be consistent.

    Consistency can boost familiarity and is fundamental to creating a seamless user experience. Developing an App that is on point can be hugely successful, however, one misstep can lead to wasted time and money. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your App is unique, useful and most importantly user-friendly.

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