AI or Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of the World as we Know It!

The World Is Changing As Technology Thrives

For centuries man has feared the rise of the very thing we created. The rise of the machine is upon us. A period where machines become more intelligent than man.

Is this fear justified?  

The onset of the fourth Industrial Revolution, as daunting as it may seem, is not all we expect it to be.  

Job Loss and Creation  

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence or AI into the workplace will have an impact, however, it may not necessarily be the negative effect we expect. While, yes, many jobs will be lost due to automation, a considerable number more positions will open up in areas that will allow the employees to focus on work that is less repetitive and will most likely be more fulfilling and satisfying. You may even find your team more productive and brand loyal through this inevitable change.  

Language Is No Longer a Barrier  

AI-powered language tools are bridging the language barrier and in effect closing the divide between different cultures and social groups in the workspace, educational environment and life in general. The translation services may not be perfected yet, but they do create a channel for better understanding overall that may otherwise have not been possible.  

Eliminate Red Tape  

On a bureaucratic level, paperwork will be considerably reduced, responses quicker and efficiency increased. Both the risks and opportunities must be properly understood. For government departments, the implementation of AI into processes could change the public administration exponentially.

Health Care Solutions  

The onset of the AI era has the potential to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. The ability to get symptoms checked and gain fast access to a doctor when required is the driving force behind this move in the healthcare structure. Diagnoses are accurate, safe and fast. In the long term, this will also save private health care providers money on frivolous doctor’s visits that aren’t necessarily required.  

Art of A Different Kind  

Newly developed art or design software is so much more than just a tool. The ability to merge computer science and art has opened up a creative avenue that has never been seen before. Art software has become a collaborator and art an expression of science.  

Business World Implementation  

Possibly the most relevant and well-known implementation of Artificial Intelligence or AI into the business world and marketing platforms is the introduction of chatbots. Chatbots allow you to service and assist more customers through a steady string of questions with each following question guided by the previous answer presented.

The wonderful thing about a chatbot is that it doesn’t require time off or even sleep. This is effectively an “employee” who can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Chatbots do not require manpower or resources, freeing up your staff to focus on areas where attention is most required. This lead generation tool is invaluable in your business plight for growth and success.  

Through AI, the possibilities are immense. Change is always something that creates a feeling of fear or the unknown, however, in this instance if you don’t jump on board, you are sure to be left behind.  

BOSS GTS has solutions that create streamlined, effective and efficient growth within your business and provide you with time to spend on areas that you can personally, positively impact.    

Let us do what we do best so that you can do what you do best!  

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