5 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

Cyber risk management is not a departmental thing but rather an approach that requires every member of the company to be on the same page regarding safeguarding against potential threats. Although every cyber risk management plan is different, there are some fundamental basics that each requires to function effectively in the face of a threat.

Boss GTS, the cyber security professionals in South Africa are skilled and equipped to put your mind at ease where the safety of your I.T systems in concerned.

Let’s look at some common mistakes made regarding cybersecurity and what you can do to prevent these from happening within your business structure.

You Are Not a Target 

Never assume that your company is not a target for cybercriminals. Large, medium, and small companies in absolutely every industry are vulnerable to attacks. Most cases documented relate to credit card data theft or theft of identifiable information. Companies that don’t manage or handle this kind of data often have the misconception that they will not be targeted by cyber adversaries when nothing could be further from the truth. It is vital to remember that ALL information is of value! View the risks posed seriously and put in measures to prevent any breach as soon as possible.

Security is an I.T Issue
While technology plays a phenomenal role in cyber security, it isn’t the only fundamental area. Everyone in the company owns the data and each has a responsibility to protect the core assets of the company. Boss GTS, the cyber security professionals in South Africa, can help you strengthen your cyber security process.

Neglecting to Update Your Network
It is vitally important to understand your I.T infrastructure and network and the vulnerabilities present. You can never prevent every attack, but you can take the necessary precautions. Regularly updating software is one of the measures you can take to close those holes that might be present in your network. Your I.T management team needs to instil protocols to ensure regular software updates.

Anti-virus Software is Enough Protection
Anti-virus technologies are not enough to prevent attacks of a persistent and advanced nature. Cyber adversaries evolve and advance at a much faster rate than what security companies can update tools. The use of malware is prevalent in malicious attacks. Anti-virus technology only offers security on the perimeter of your network, and this alone is not enough.

Network Endpoints are Not Important in Security Prevention
In today’s landscape, cybercriminals or adversaries seek to gain access to your network by any means that includes your endpoint users. Homing in on perimeter security only leaves no way of detecting a breach once the adversary has gained access to the systems. Ensure a proactive approach to security by always maintaining the visibility of your endpoints.

Just as threats are connected, so too are the solutions. A cohesive, thorough top-to-bottom plan is necessary to provide your organisation with the best chance at managing risk and threats to your I.T networks and infrastructure. Defence tactics, processes and tools cannot remain static but must be ever-changing, evolving and advancing. Regularly test, evaluate, and improve your security protocols.  

Boss GTS, the cyber security professionals in South Africa can help you to evaluate your systems and put in place measures to prevent a breach.

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