Work Hard, Play Hard and Leave a Lasting Legacy

On Friday, 22 October, we loaded the bus and headed to Oribi Gorge. It was the start of our long-awaited team-building weekend and much-needed downtime. The weekend ahead would be a monumental one for the Boss GTS team.  

The accommodation was nothing short of spectacular. With minimal cell phone signal, we unwound, enjoyed campfire conversation, and got to know each other a little bit better outside of the office. 

Saturday morning greeted us with a hazy sunrise over the dam. A glorious start to an action-packed day that would see some of the team facing their deepest fear and jumping blindly into the unknown. We make the trip up to the Ziplines at Eland Lake Resort, many of us hoping to escape the extreme jump that lay ahead. In true Boss GTS fashion, the entire team embraced the opportunity, scared or not. Nerves frayed, everyone was suited up in harnesses, ready to leap off the side of the mountain. 

As each team member stepped to the side of the mountain, roars of encouragement followed. Every jump greeted with cheers of excitement, and I think a measure of nerves as person by person, your turn grew nearer. Standing on that ledge is an indescribable feeling! The thumping of your heart in your chest grew louder with each passing second. Finally, it was time to step off the ledge and fly, only a harness keeping you elevated 250m above the ground. The feeling of exhilaration was unsurpassable! All the anxiety before the jump, worth every moment.

A few members decided to venture to the extension bridge while the adrenalin was still pumping wildly. The narrow, somewhat unstable bridge stretched across the vast drop below presented breath-taking views for those who dared cast their eyes downwards.

It was time to head back to camp, recoup and regroup for an evening that included Halloween costumes, Jenga and the magnificent aroma of Darren’s oxtail potjie bubbling on the open flame. For most, the adrenalin-filled activities of the day meant an early night to bed with a few die-hards taking the night a little further. 

Sunday morning was icy cold but spectacular. Everyone took their time getting going, packing, and preparing for the trip home. After breakfast, we made our way back to the reception area to wait for our bus ride home. The chatter was somewhat quieter than at the start of the weekend. Everyone spent the bus ride home to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye or reflecting on the festivities of the past weekend.

The weekend was definitely a success, and our already formidable team is that much more focused and ready to take on any projects that come our way with undefeatable determination. 

Thank you to Darren and Emilios for giving us this opportunity to bond and strengthen our ties. You certainly do lead from the front.